U.S. Army Soldier
10th Mountain Division
Northern Italy
January 1945
This Soldier illustrates the equipment that was worn by a rifleman assigned to the
10th Mountain Division in January 1945.
The 10th Mountain Division was formed November 6th 1944. Elements started
deploying for Italy in December 1944. The Division entered combat in Italy on
January 8th 1945 near Cutigliano and Orsigna.
After several months of combat through the Northern Apennines and Po Valley the
German Armed Forces surrendered May 7th 1945.
The Gear:
M-1 Helmet
M-1 Helmet Liner, made by CAPAC
Reversible Ski Parka, second pattern with owner markings F-6598
Framed Mountain Rucksack
M-1 Bayonet made by U.C. (United Cutlery)
Bearpaw Snowshoes, 28 inch, made by FAHLIN 1943
Shoepac, High
Mountain Ski Boots
Front left and rear, above photos.
Rear view, left photo.
Inside view of M-1 Helmet Liner, above right photo.
This liner was made by CAPAC. The suspension is made
from Triple Herringbone Twill (THBT) and is held to the
liner with black brass "A" washers.
Shoepac, High, left photo.
The Shoepac was designed to be worn with two pairs of socks for warm and dry protection in cold climates. Three heights
were issued: Low - 10", Medium - 12" and High - 16".
Mountain Ski Boots, right photo.
The Mountain Ski Boot was designed to attach directly to snow skis, but had a rubber sole for climbing or walking on ice or
snow. These boots are made by A. SANDLER CO. with a depot date of 1943. The soles are made by GOODYEAR.