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United States 81mm Mortar

This mortar was restored using a BATFE compliant un-threaded replica
base cup and barrel with steel bars welded across the center from the
International Replica Arms Company N.J.
81mm Mortar Rounds: M57 White Phosphorus (WP) Smoke Shell; M43A1 High Explosive (HE) Shell
(early yellow paint); M43A1 High Explosive Shell (repainted for practice over early yellow paint),
with M52B1 Point Detonating (PD) Fuze, the B1 designation added due to bakelite construction;
M43E High Explosive Shell with M52 PD Fuze.
All four mortar rounds are Inert.
United States 60mm M2 Mortar
Restored M2 60mm Mortar, left photo.
This mortar has the late war M5 Mount
with covered transverse screw. The
early style mount had an exposed
threaded screw which was prone to
clogging in the field. Also pictured is
the M14 Carry Case (far left) for the M4
Sight (attached to the mount). The
barrel cover and carry strap is
pictured in the far right of the photo.
M5 Mount, Mortar, nomenclature
plate, above right photo. This mount
is serial numbered 25439, dated 1945
and inspected by A.C.R.
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Restored French "Lance-Grenades de 5cm Modele 1937" mortar. This 50mm mortar was produced
by France as the Model 1937 just prior to WWII. This type of mortar was used by the French Army
until the fall of France in 1940.
After the fall of France, the German Wehrmacht pressed French weapons into service and
re-designated this mortar as the "Granatewerfer 203 (f)".
The barrel on this mortar is marked: L. Gr. Mle 37 No 7248.

This mortar was deactivated after WWII by cutting a 50mm hole in the bottom of the barrel and
adding a steel bar across the bore for BATFE compliance.