U.S. Army Rifleman
29th Infantry Division
Omaha Beach - Normandy France
June 6th 1944
This soldier illustrates the equipment that was worn by a rifleman assigned to the 116th Regimental Combat
Team (RCT), Company A, 29th Infantry Division during the invasion of Normandy France June 6th 1944.
The responsibility of the 116th RCT was to secure the smaller cliffs to the east of Pointe de la Percee.
A/116 landed on the Dog Sector of Omaha Beach at H+1 (H-Hour plus 1 Minute). The Dog Sector of Omaha
Beach comprised of the Dog Red (East), Dog White (Center) and Dog Green (West) sections. A/116 RCT was
responsible for all three sections.
The Gear:
M-1 Helmet
M-1 Helmet Liner, made by Firestone
M-1941 Jacket with 29th Infantry Division patch on left sleeve
M-1928 Haversack, made by FELT NOVELTY MFG. 1942
M-1923 Dismounted Cartridge Belt, owner marked HOFF 26782323
M-1910 Dismounted Canteen Cover, made by A.C. CORP 1943 owner marked H-1788
M-1910 Canteen
M-1942 First Aid Pouch, made by B.B.S.CO. 1943 owner marked 32236053
M-1 Bayonet, made by PAL
M-1943 Entrenching Tool, made by AMES 1944
M-1943 Entrenching Tool Cover, made by HAMLIN CANVAS GOODS CO. 1944
Whistle, made by L.P. 1943
TL-122 Flashlight, made by USA LITE
M-7 Assault Gas Mask Carrier
USN Life Preserver, made by EAGLE RUBBER CO. INC.
Gas Detection Sleeve Armband
Spare Ammunition Bandoleer
Spare Ammunition Bandoleer
MK-II Fragmentation Hand Grenade
Front left and right, above photos.
Rear view, left photo.
M-1 Helmet, above photo.
M-1 Helmet liner, left photo.
This liner was made by Firestone. The suspension is made
from Single Herringbone Twill (SHBT) and is held to the liner
with green "A" washers.