U.S. Army
29th Infantry Division, 115th Infantry Regiment, Company B
T/4 Robert H. Lindsay 20341029
Killed In Action - July 3rd 1944, Normandy France
Buried: Rose Hille Cemetery, Hagerstown, Maryland U.S.A.

Robert H. Lindsay was born on April 13th 1912 and hailed from Washington County, Maryland. He
entered service in Hagerstown, Maryland on February 3rd 1941 with the United States Army National
He was Killed-in-Action (KIA) on Monday, July 3rd 1944 while serving with the 115th Infantry Regiment of
the 29th Infantry Division, during World War Two in the vicinity of St Lo, Normandy, France.
He was 32 years old at the time of his death.

Technical Sergeant Robert H. Lindsay is buried in the Rose Hill Cemetery, Hagerstown, Washington
County, Maryland, USA

On June 6th 1944 the 116th Infantry Regiment attached to the 1st Infantry Division assaulted Omaha
Beach, Normandy France and suffered heavy losses under adverse surf conditions and concentrated
fire from above the high bluffs. The 115th Infantry Regiment followed onto the beach the same day with
the remainder of the 29th Infantry Division. The 115th Infantry Regiment reached the Aure at Longueville
on June 8th 1944. The 115th continued across the Vire but was forced to withdraw from the
Montmartin-en-Graingnes area on June 13th 1944. The 29th Division opened the push on St Lo June
16th 1944 as the 115th Infantry Regiment pushed on Martinville Ridge.
The 29th Infantry Division took St Lo on July 18th 1944 and was relieved by the 35th Infantry Division on
July 20th 1944.

Sergeant Robert H. Lindsay was Killed in Action on July 3rd 1944.
The President of The United States of America condolence letter, above photo.
When a service member was Killed In Action (KIA) the President sent an official condolence letter. The
letter pictured above was sent to the Next of Kin (NOK) and is stamped with the signature of President
Franklin D. Roosevelt. The stamp is an officially endorsed mechanical duplicate of a signature.
This letter was sent as official condolence for Technical Sergeant Robert H. Lindsay 20341029
who was killed in action in the European Area, July 3rd 1944.