U.S. Army
2nd Infantry Division, 23rd Infantry Regiment, G Company
Cpl. (T-5) Ira L. Moore 33002893
Killed In Action - Date Unknown France
Cpl. (T-5) Moore was born in 1918 and entered service on January 16th 1941, Baltimore Maryland.
He was Killed In Action (KIA) on an unknown date in France.
Envelope or "Cover", above photo.
This envelope was mailed to Cpl. (T-5) Ira Moore on July 27th 1944 by his father
Ira Moore, Frederick Maryland.
The envelope was marked "Deceased" and stamped "Return to Sender".
The 2nd Infantry Division landed across Omaha Beach, Normandy France on the evening of June 7th 1944
and was committed in the Foret de Cerisy. The next day the Division attacked across the Elle and Aure River.
Fierce fighting for Hill 192 continued through June and July until the Division went on the offensive on July
27th and took Notre Dame d'Elle as it exploited the St Lo breakthrough. The Division advanced to the Vire
River on August 4th and halted to allow XIX Corps to cross its front and take Vire. The Division advanced
across the Vire and took Tinchebray on August 15th. On August 17th the Division moved west into Brittany
and on August 25th began the assault on the strong outer defenses of the German fortified city of Brest.

Cpl. Moore was killed on an unknown date as a member of G Company, 3rd Battalion, 23rd Infantry Regiment,
2nd Infantry Division.