U.S. Army Sergeant
2nd Ranger Battalion
Omaha Beach - Normandy France
June 6th 1944
This Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) Sergeant illustrates the equipment that was worn by a NCO assigned
to Force B, Company C, 2nd Ranger Battalion during the invasion of Normandy France June 6th 1944.
The responsibility of Force B was to secure the smaller cliffs to the west of Pointe de la Percee. C/2 Rangers
landed on the Charlie Sector of Omaha Beach at H+1 (H-Hour plus 1 Minute). After they eliminated the German
strong points and gun positions from the right flank of Omaha Beach they were instructed to link up with
Force A: D, E and F Company, 2nd Ranger Battalion at Pointe du Hoc.
The Gear:
M-1 Helmet and Camouflage Net with NCO markings on rear
M-1 Helmet Liner, made by Mine Safety Apparatus (MSA)
Winter Combat "Tanker" Jacket with "Rangers" Diamond Patch on left sleeve
M-1923 Dismounted Cartridge Belt, made by M.E.CO. 1943 (BRITISH MADE)
M-1928 Haversack with M-1928 Pack Carrier, made by M.W.&S. CO. LTD 1944 (BRITISH MADE)
M-1910 Dismounted Canteen Cover, made by BAKER-ATWOOD LTD. CO. 1941
M-1910 Canteen, made by A.G.M.CO. 1918
M-1910 Canteen Cup, made by T.A.U.CO. 1941
M-1942 First Aid Pouch, made by M.W.&S. CO. LTD 1944 (BRITISH MADE)
M-1916 Pistol Holster, made by SEARS 1942
M-1910 Entrenching Tool Cover, made by W.L. DUMAS MFG. CO. 1943
M-1910 Entrenching Tool
M-7 Assault Gas Mask Carrier
M-1 Bayonet, made by United Cutlery (U.C.)
MK-II Fragmentation Hand Grenade
M-1 Garand Cloth Bandoleer
Front left and right, above photos.
Rear view, left photo.
Rear view of M-1 Helmet, above photo. This helmet has been painted
with the 2nd Ranger Battalion "Diamond" painted above a white
horizontal stripe, which was the designation for Non-Commissioned
Inside view of M-1 Helmet Liner, left photo.
This liner was made by Mine Safety Apparatus (MSA). The
suspension is made from Single Herringbone Twill (SHBT) and
is held to the liner with early zinc plated "A" washers.