U.S. Army Private First Class
2nd Ranger Battalion
Omaha Beach - Normandy France
June 6th 1944
This Soldier illustrates the equipment that was worn by a rifleman assigned to Force B, Company C, 2nd
Ranger Battalion during the invasion of Normandy France June 6th 1944.
The responsibility of Force B was to secure the smaller cliffs to the west of Pointe de la Percee. C/2 Rangers
landed on the Charlie Sector of Omaha Beach at H+1 (H-Hour plus 1 Minute). After they eliminated the German
strong points and gun positions from the right flank of Omaha Beach they were instructed to link up with
Force A: D, E and F Company, 2nd Ranger Battalion at Pointe du Hoc.
The Gear:
M-1 Helmet
M-1 Helmet Liner, made by Westinghouse
M-1941 Jacket with "Rangers" Diamond Patch on left sleeve
M-1936 Pistol Belt
M-1910 Haversack, made by L-D INC. 7-18
M-1910 Dismounted Canteen Cover, owner marked M. KRPAN K-7540
M-1910 Canteen, made by S.M.CO. 1943
M-1942 First Aid Pouch, made by B.B.S.CO. 1943
M-1 Carbine Magazine Pocket, made by AVERY 1943
M-1 Carbine Magazine Pocket, made by KADY 1943
M-1942 18" Machete, dated 1944
M-7 Assault Gas Mask Carrier
USN Life Preserver, made by DURKEE-ATWOOD CO. MPLS.
M-1 Carbine Ammunition Bandoleer
Front left and right, above photos.
Rear view, left photo.
Rear view of M-1 Helmet, left photo.
This helmet has been painted with the 2nd Ranger Battalion "Diamond".
Inside view of M-1 Helmet Liner, right photo.
This liner was made by Westinghouse. The suspension is made from
Single Herringbone Twill (SHBT) and is held to the liner with black brass
"A" washers.