U.S. Army
3rd Infantry Division, 7th Infantry Regiment, A Company
Sergeant Julius Rothman 32355893
Killed In Action as a Prisoner of War - November 4th 1944
Western Union Telegram, above photo.
This telegram was sent by Western Union on April 8th 1945 at 2:10AM to Mrs Rose Rothman of 32-38
43rd Street, Astoria Long Island, New York notifying her that her son Sergeant Julius Rothman who was
previously reported as missing in action, died November 4th 1944 while a Prisoner of War of the German
Government. He died as a result of his wounds received in action. This was sent with the deepest
sympathy from J A Ulio, Adjutant General of the Army.

The 3rd Infantry Division first saw action as part of the Western Task Force in the North African
invasion, landing at Fedala on November 8th 1942, and captured half of French Morocco. Eight months
later, on July 10th 1943, the Division made an assault landing on Sicily, fought its way into Palermo
before the armor could get there, and raced on to capture Messina, thus ending the Sicilian campaign.
Nine days after the Italian invasion, on September 18th 1943, the 3rd Infantry Division landed at Salerno
and in intensive action drove to and across the Volturno River and to Monte Cassino. After a brief rest
the Division was ordered to hit the beaches at Anzio, January 22nd 1944, where for four months it
maintained its toe-hold against furious German counterattacks. On February 29th 1944, the 3rd Infantry
Division fought off an attack by three German Divisions.

In May, the Division broke out of the beachhead and drove on to Rome, and then went into training for
the invasion of Southern France. On August 15th 1944, the Division landed at St. Tropez, advanced up
the Rhone Valley, through the Vosges Mountains and reached the Rhine at Strasbourg on November
27th 1944.

Sgt Julius Rothman died of his wounds as a Prisoner of War on November 4th 1944.
War Department Letter, Demobilized Records Branch, above photo.
This letter was sent by The War Department, Demobilized Records Branch on August 21st 1945 to Mrs
Rose Rothman of 32-38 43rd Street Astoria, Long Island New York replying to a request for additional
information on the death of her son Sergeant Julius Rothman. This letter was sent with extended
sympathy from E. C. Gault, Colonel, Adjutant General's Office, Chief of Branch.
Sergeant Julius Rothman was born on September 21st 1918 to Rose and Sam Rothman, both Russian
immigrants and enlisted in the United States Army on June 18th 1942 in Queens New York.
He served in Company A, 7th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Infantry Division, 7th Army until captured by the
Germany Armed Forces in France on November 3rd 1944.
He died of his wounds on November 4th 1944 as a Prisoner of War.