The photo pictured above is Boeing B-17G-1-BO 42-31069 "Flying Fortress" named "Little Moe", Code IY-K
lost on September 28th, 1944 during the 401st Bomb Group (H) Bombing Mission 150: Aeroengine Factory,
Magdeburg Germany. T/Sgt McKinney was the Radio Operator on this aircraft when it was shot down on
September 28th, 1944.
U.S. Army Air Force
615th Bomb Squadron (H), 401st Bomb Group (H), 8th Air Force
Technical Sergeant Harold C. McKinney 20830255
B-17G "Flying Fortress" 42-31069 "Little Moe" - Radio Operator
Prisoner Of War - September 28th 1944

Harold C. McKinney was born in 1922 and enlisted in the United States Army National Guard on September
16th 1940 as an Artilleryman, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. When World War Two started, Harold C. McKinney
would reclassify in the Army as a Radio Operator in the Army Air Force.
His identification tag or "dog tag" lists his next of kin as Mrs. J. R. McKinney, 2943 N.W. 15th Street,
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. His religious preference is listed at Protestant.

On September 28th, 1944 Boeing B-17G-1-BO 42-31069 "Flying Fortress" named "Little Moe", Code IY-K, was
piloted by 2nd Lt Edward H. Daves and took off with her crew at 0841 from Station 128 - Deenethorpe Airfield,
This aircraft was assigned to the 615th Bomb Squadron (H), 401st Bomb Group (H), 8th Air Force.
The crew of "Little Moe" on September 28th 1944 consisted of: 2nd Lt Edward H. Daves, Pilot; 2nd Lt Clayton
F. Crunk, Copilot; 2nd Lt Ralph J. Mezydlo, Navigator; 2nd Lt J.C. McDougall, Bombardier; T/Sgt H.C.
McKinney, Radio Operator; T/Sgt William R. Mayfield, Engr / Top Turret; S/Sgt Paul J. Wheaton, Ball Turret
Gunner; S/Sgt James C. Rollet, Tail Gunner and S/Sgt Melvin H. Crawford, Waist Gunner.

The target was 401st Bomb Group (H) Bombing Mission 150: Aeroengine Factory, Magdeburg Germany.
The 39 B-17's of the 401st Bomb Group did not encounter Luftwaffe fighters, but met intense flak over the
target. As a result, "Little Moe" B-17G 42-31069 went down when its No. 2 engine was hit and burst into
flames. All crew members were able to parachute safely and were captured upon landing.

T/Sgt McKinney had completed 11 missions as a Radio Operator before being shot down on September 28th
(Note: Many 8th Air Force crews were not assigned to the same aircraft for every mission)
#1 September 9th, 1944: Mission #140 Mannheim, B-17 44-6146 "Little Cheezer"
#2 September 10th, 1944: Mission #141 Gaggenau, B-17 42-107113 "Section 8"
#3 September 11th, 1944: Mission #142 Merseburg, B-17 42-107113 "Section 8"
#4 September 13th, 1944: Mission #143 Merseburg, B-17 43-37551
#5 September 17th, 1944: Mission #144 Groesbeck, B-17 44-6146 "Little Cheezer"
#6 September 19th, 1944: Mission #145 Hamm, B-17 43-37551
#7 September 22nd, 1944: Mission #146 Kassel, B-17 42-102468 "The Farmer's Daughter"
#8 September 25th, 1944: Mission #147 Frankfurt, B-17 42-31983 "Mary Alice"
#9 September 26th, 1944: Mission #148 Osnabruck, B-17 42-31069 "Little Moe"
#10 September 27th, 1944: Mission #149 Cologne, B-17 43-38125 "Mary Makers"
#11 September 28th, 1944: Mission #150 Magdeburg, B-17 42-31069 "Little Moe"

T/Sgt McKinney would be taken prisoner by the German Army and was held as a Prisoner of War at
Stalag Luft IV until he was liberated on June 1st, 1945.