U.S. Army
87th Infantry Division, 346th Infantry Regiment, Company G
Pvt Joseph F. Diffenderfer 33906248
Killed In Action - February 1st 1945, Schonberg, Belgium
Buried: Green Hill Cemetery, Waynesboro, Pennsylvania, USA

Joseph F. Diffenderfer was born on September 5th 1921 and entered service in Baltimore, Maryland on
July 18th 1944 with the United States Army.
He was Killed-in-Action (KIA) on Thursday, February 1st 1945 while serving with the 346th Infantry
Regiment of the 87th Infantry Division, during World War Two in the vicinity of Schonberg, Belgium.
He was 23 years old at the time of his death.

Private Joseph F. Diffenderfer is buried in the Green Hill Cemetery, Waynesboro, Franklin County
Pennsylvania, USA

The 87th Infantry Division landed in France on December 1st through 5th 1944 and took over the Metz, France sector
from the 5th Infantry Division. The 87th Infantry Division then moved to the Gross Rederching area of the Saar-German
border on December 11th 1944, relieving the 26th Infantry Division. Attacking on December 14th 1944, the division took
Rimling in heavy combat and by December 15th 1944 the 347th Infantry Regiment had taken Oberailbrach and the
heights overlooking the Blies. The division continued clearing operations in the outer portions of the West Wall until its
offensive was ordered stopped on December 18th 1944. The 87th Infantry Division was then transferred to counter the
German Ardennes counteroffensive.
The 87th Infantry Division took Moircy on December 30th 1944, but lost it to a counterattack the following day. Moircy
was secured on January 1st 1945. On January 3rd 1945, the 87th Infantry Division had surrounded the woods east of St
Hubert, and was halted near Pironpre, west of Bastogne. The division was forced out of Bonnerue on January 6th 1945.
The 347th Infantry Regiment took Bonnerue on January 11th 1945. The 87th Infantry Division fought the Battle of Tillet
from January 6th through the 10th 1945, which ended as it crossed the Ronce River east of Petite Langlir. The 87th
Infantry Division moved to Luxemburg to take over from the 4th Infantry Division zone along the Sauer from Echternach
to Wasserbilling on January 17th 1945. On January 26th 1945, the 87th Infantry Division relieved the 17th Airborne
Division beyond Wattermal, Belgium. The 87th Infantry Division attacked from the heights west of the Our River on
January 29th 1945 and assaulted the West Wall. Manderfeld and Auw fell as the 87th Infantry Division crossed into
Germany on February 1st 1945.

Private Joseph F. Diffenderfer was Killed-in-Action (KIA) on February 1st 1945 in the vicinity of Schonberg, Belgium.
The President of The United States of America condolence letter, above photo.
When a service member was Killed In Action (KIA) the President sent an official condolence letter. The
letter pictured above was sent to the Next of Kin (NOK) and is stamped with the signature of President
Franklin D. Roosevelt. The stamp is an officially endorsed mechanical duplicate of a signature.
This letter was sent as official condolence for Private Joseph F. Diffenderfer 33906248
who was killed in action in the European Area, February 1st 1945.