U.S. Army Officer
90th Infantry Division, 358th Infantry Regiment, G Company
Capt. Charles Wagner - Company Commander
Killed In Action - July 7th 1944 France
Capt. Wagner was born in 1923 and entered service on July 29th 1942, Fort Snelling Minnesota.
Envelope or "Cover", above photo.
This envelope was mailed to Lt. (later Capt.) Charles Wagner on July 5th 1944 from the Field House Committee,
University of Dayton Ohio.
Capt. Wagner was an All American Football player at the University of Ohio.
The envelope was marked "Deceased" and stamped "Return to Sender".
JULY 7TH 1944
The 90th Infantry Division, 359th Infantry Regiment was attached to the 4th Infantry Division during the assault
on Utah Beach, Normandy France June 6th 1944. The remainder of the Division landed on June 10th 1944. The
458th Infantry Regiment fought the battle of Pont l' Abbe' 10-12 June 1944. The Division halted in the
Golleville-Urville area June 17th 1944 after heavy combat and took up defensive positions. Advancing in heavy
rain, the Division attacked July 3rd 1944 southward down the west coast of the Contentin Peninsula and fought
the Battle of La Haye-du-Puits-Mont Castre Forest 6-10 July 1944.
Capt. Wagner was killed July 7th 1944 as Company Commander of G Company, 3rd Battalion, 358th Infantry
Regiment, 90th Infantry Division.