U.S. Army Air Force
Air Transport Command - Radio Operator
China Burma India Theater
Type A-2 Jacket, above left photo.
This jacket was manufactured by the Poughkeepsie Leather Coat Company, Poughkeepsie NY.
Kenneth C. Crawford wearing this A-2 Jacket while assigned to the Air Transport Command (ATC), right
Left chest area of the A-2 Jacket, above left and right photos.
The original placement of the leather name tape and ATC insignia stitching is visible on the left chest.
Between the ATC insignia and the name tape are two holes from the placing of 3" clutch back wings (not present in the
above black and white photo). Note the white paint smudges on the jacket which was applied after the insignia had been
Left sleeve showing removal of round Army Air Force insignia, left photo.
Right sleeve showing removal of CBI shield insignia, right photo.
Poughkeepsie style right shoulder strap, left photo.
Poughkeepsie style right collar, right photo.
Nomenclature label, left photo.
This label is marked:
DRAWING NO. 30-1415
AC CONTRACT No. W535ac28560
Size 38
Poughkeepsie style right pocket, right photo.
Blood Chit, left photo.
The flag is constructed from silk with the sun being wood block printed on cotton. The lower section is constructed from
cotton with hand written black ink kanji. This Chit has been sewn to the inside right front and used as a pocket.
Center rear jacket lining, right photo.
The inside of this jacket is marked in black stenciling: K.C. 39405588
Rear of jacket, left photo.
Inside left front lining, right photo.

Kenneth C. Crawford 39405588 was born in 1922 and enlisted in the United States Army on December 22nd 1942 in
California. He served with the Air Transport Command (ATC) in the China Burma India (CBI) theater. He served as a Radio
Operator and Radar Navigator from 1942 through 1946.
He was awarded the Air Medal and Distinguished Flying Cross with subsequent Oak Leaf Cluster for courageous and
superior performance while participating in flight operations over the "Hump" of the Himalayas in the face of enemy fire
and difficulties faced regularly with steadfast devotion to duty.