One piece Nurses Summer Service "Seersucker" Cotton Uniform, above photo.
The Nurses Seersucker was made in a one piece and two piece uniform.
Nomenclature tag, left photo.
The tag is marked:
Uniform, Cotton,
Seersucker, Nurses,
Size 14
Annette Sportswear
P.O. 13921
Dated Feb. 15, 1944
Spec. P.Q.D. No. 137B
Dated April 29, 1944
Stock No. 55-U-9514
Phila. Q.M. Depot
Shoes, Pump, White Dress, Women's with issue box; right photo.
These shoes are a size 6 1/2 and were made by GRADDOCK-TERRY
United States
Army Nurse Corps (ANC)
Summer Service Uniform "Seersucker"