This Type A-2 Flight Jacket was made by The Rough Wear Clothing Company,
Middletown,Pennsylvania. The liner has been replaced and the manufacturer nomenclature tag is
missing. Stenciled in yellow on the left upper chest is the name C ? FUX??
The stencil is barely visible and the name cannot be fully read.
U.S. Army Air Force
Type A-2 Flight Jacket
China-Burma-India Theater 1944-1945
Rear view of the A-2 Flying Jacket, left photo.
This jacket has a large white paint mark across the rear center.
On the left sleeve of the A-2 Jacket is the C.B.I. multi-piece leather patch. The metal sun insignia is missing. This insignia was
colored with natural dyes and over time the color has transferred from one section to another.
Left pocket, left photo.
One of the characteristics of The Rough
Wear Clothing Company A-2 Flying
Jacket is the small manufacturer tag
sewn into the left pocket flap.