Heer (Army)
Europe 1943
First Aid pocket inside of right tunic front, left and above
This pocket is black ink stamped RBNr. 1/0250/2286
Front right chest of tunic, left photo.
Note that the Heer (Army) National Insignia has been removed from above the front right pocket.
Inside tunic right bottom button flap, left photo.
Marked: 43 (top left), 94 (center), 70 (bottom left), 43 (top right), 61 (bottom right) and B 43 (bottom center).
Front and rear of tunic, above photos.
This tunic was found unissued without having any insignia applied.
Heer (Army) National Insignia, above photo.
This insignia is constructed of nylon Bevo construction and will
be used in the restoration of this tunic.