German Luftwaffe
Unteroffizier (Sergeant), Aerial Gunner
Killed In Action - Unknown Date
Location: Kurland Pocket, Latvia
German Luftwaffe Unteroffizier (Sergeant), Aerial Gunner Uniform, above photo.
The uniform remains shown above were found in a swamp at the crash site of a German JU-88 aircraft in
the Kurland Pocket, Latvia in the late 1990s.
The uniform sections that remain include the collar with silver boarder tress for the Non-Commissioned
Officer, yellow (flight) collar tabs with a single aluminum gul; Unteroffizier (Sergeant) shoulder boards
piped in yellow (flight) with aluminum NCO tress; Luftwaffe (Air Force) breast eagle insignia; Aerial
Gunner qualification badge; Luftwaffe shirt breast eagle insignia and Luftwaffe overseas hat.
All of the individual stitching for the uniform components as well as the insignia have been eaten away
by micro-organisms in the swamp where it was found, but the wool has been very well preserved.
No other information for the crew member or aircraft are available at this time.