M-1 Helmet
M-1 Helmet Liner, made by Westinghouse
M-1941 Navy Jacket
M-1936 Pistol Belt
M-1928/M-1 SMG Magazine Pouch
M-1928/M-1 SMG Magazine Pouch
M-1928 Haversack, made by INDIANAPOLIS TENT & AWNING CO. 1942
M-1910 Dismounted Canteen Cover, made by JEFF.Q.M.D. 1942 owner marked 35322010
M-1910 Canteen, made by S.M.CO. 1943
M-1942 First Aid Pouch
Extra Ammunition Bag, made by MORROW DOUGLAS 1944
BG-131 Bag with SE-11 Set
M-7 Assault Gas Mask Carrier
U.S. Navy Sailor
Navy Combat Demolition Unit
Omaha Beach - Normandy France
June 6th 1944
This Sailor illustrates the equipment that was worn by a demolition man assigned to the 7th Navy Beach
Battalion (7th NBB), Navy Combat Demolition Unit (NCDU) during the invasion of Normandy France June 6th
The 7th NBB was among the first waves to land on Omaha Beach. The strong eastward currents, as well as
enemy fire, caused many of them to land in the wrong location. The NBBs were attached to the Army Engineer
Special Brigades (ESBs). The responsibility of the NBBs on Omaha Beach was to take care of beach obstacles
located below the high tide mark, while the ESBs were to attend to obstacles above it. On June 6th 1944 the
NBBs and ESBs would work side by side to clear all of the obstacles regardless of their location.
The Gear:
Front left and right, above photos.
Rear view, above photo.
M-1 Helmet, left photo.
The 7th Navy Beach Battalion marked their helmets with a large red arc over the letters USN
(United States Navy) and the number 7. The red arc and grey band around the base of the helmet were added just prior the
Normandy invasion.
M-1 Helmet Liner, right photo.
This liner was made by Westinghouse. The suspension is made from Single Herringbone Twill (SHBT) and is held to the liner
with green A washers.
M-1928 Thompson Sub-Machinegun, above photo.
The 7th NBB Sailors were armed with various weapons. The M-1928 Thompson was the earlier version of the M-1 Thompson.
The M-1928 shown above has a solid aluminum BATFE compliant receiver.
SE-11 Signal Lamp Equipment, above photo.
The SE-11 comprised of the M-227 Signal Lamp with M-321 Gunstock, LG-21 Tripod, CD-701 Cord, BG-131 Bag, M-172
Goggles, J-51 Hand Key, LM-61 Lamp, (5) BA-30 Batteries and
the TM 11-392 Manual.
The SE-11 was used by the NBBs to signal to landing craft when obstructions had been cleared as well as the other NBBs
operating on the beach.