T-5 Parachute Main Pack Tray, above left photo.
The serial number of this parachute is A.C.42 899681. The serial number is ink stamped on the top and bottom outside fold
of this parachute. All parachutes that were produced during World War Two carried an Army Air Corps or Army Air Force
serial number, even if the parachute was designed as a troop or "paratrooper" parachute. Early style parachutes had A.C.
as the prefix to the serial number while later parachutes had A.A.F.

T-5 Parachute Harness center cross strap, above right photo.
The center cross strap of this harness has been cut. The repaired section as well as the correct style wartime male
hardware was added by the French historian that recovered this parachute. The white parachute harness material with "D"
ring was added during the war by a parachute rigger for attachment of additional gear or a rifle "Griswold" bag. This was
more than likely added while in England during the preparation for the invasion.
T-5 Parachute Main Pack Tray, above left photo.
The Main Pack Tray is ink stamped with the part number: 41K9208-1, manufacturer: RELIANCE MFG CO and the date of
production JUN 4 1943.
T-5 Parachute Main Pack Tray, inside, above right photo.
The parachute has been cut from this harness. The ends of the shroud lines remain attached to the harness. The original
rubber bands that were used to pack and contain this parachute for deployment on June 6th 1944 have turned a brittle dark
brown color and are stained on the inside walls of the pack.
T-5 Reserve Chest Parachute, above left and right photo.
T-5 Parachute, Harness and Reserve Parachute, above left and right photo.
This T-5 Parachute was produced by the Reliance Manufacturing Company in June 1943. The main
parachute pack tray was produced and marked June 4 1943 with the Serial Number A.C.42 899681. The
khaki green harness was produced and marked June 15 1943. The Reserve Parachute was produced and
marked July 17 1943 with the Serial Number A.C.42 901154.
This parachute assembly was recovered in 2011 from a farm outside of Stainte-Mere-Eglise, Normandy
None of the components bear the individual regimental markings of the 101st Airborne Division, which
means this parachute assembly more than likely belonged to a member of the 82nd Airborne Division.
The Merderet sector, was the objective of the 82nd Airborne Division, just southeast of Utah Beach.
Force A comprised of three Drop Zones: O, T and N. DZ "O" Sainte-Mere-Eglise, 505th Parachute Infantry
Regiment, 82nd Airborne Division; DZ "T" Amfreville, 507th Parachute Infantry Regiment and DZ "N"  
Picauville, 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment and B Co 307th Airborne Engineer Battalion.

The harness has been cut in three places: both leg straps and the right center cross strap. This may have
been done to remove a fallen paratrooper from the harness. These have since been lightly repaired.
This harness also has had both the main parachute and reserve parachute cut from their storage packs.
This was done on or after June 6th 1944 to wrap the fallen paratroopers during burial preparation by the
farmer that this assembly was recovered from.
The War Department Form 46, Parachute Log Record, is missing from the Main Pack and the Reserve Pack.
Parachute Model T-5, Paratrooper
T-5 Reserve Chest Parachute, above left and right photo.
The Reserve Chest Pack is ink stamped on each end with the Serial Number A.C.42 901154.
The bottom of the chute is marked:
Government No. AN 6513-1A
Mfg Serial (Unreadable)
Contract No. 32587
JUL 17 1943
The parachute bungee cords are white with no trace color. They have been moved from the rear hooks and reattached with
parachute cord after the war to avoid breaking due to age of the rubber.

The War Department Form 46, Parachute Log Record, is not present.