The WWII cigarette packs offered for sale on this page are digitally rendered, scanned at 600dpi from original
examples in the QuestMasters Museum collection and then printed.
You will receive the cigarette pack label, the Dewitt Clinton tax stamp with Series 112 (1942) and foil wrap for the open end of
the pack
, shown above.
This is perfect to make a replica pack from car
dboard, wood or wrap the label around a new pack of cigarettes to complete
your vintage look at WWII events.
How to assemble cigarette packs:
You will need a block of wood, layered cardboard or similar material to create the center of the empty cigarette pack.
The block should measure: 2 11/16" tall, 2 1/8" wide and 3/4" deep.
The provided foil should be wrapped around the block and glued using white glue. Use glue sparingly!
Note: the foil does not extend all the way to the bottom of the wood block. The top part of the foil should extend 5/16" past the
top of the block for folding and gluing.
Then apply the outer label and finally the tax stamp. Again - use glue sparingly!
Glue should only be applied at the seam of the foil or paper. Do not cover the entire block with glue as it may cause the paper
to inadvertently wrinkle.

The end result: A beautiful replica of a 1942 vintage cigarette pack that is perfect for any WWII event or display.

Good luck with your restorations!