After many years of research and development, restoring individual items for the museum collection - and after many requests by
fans, QuestMasters has decided to offer restoration supplies for the historian, re-enactor and enthusiast. The following supplies
are not limited to just WWII restorations. If there is a stencil or product that we can help make for you: WWI, Home Front, Korean
Conflict or Vietnam Conflict, for example - just ask! email: questmasters@hotmail.com
Additionally, if there is a specific size or ammunition load you are trying to match on an ammunition box, or the lot number on a
specific piece of ordnance, this custom work can also be done!
No original or replica ordnance is for sale on this page. All ordnance pictured is BATFE compliant, inert.
Both Allied and Axis ordnance was fully painted for corrosion prevention and for ammunition identification. For identification
purposes, paint was applied to a rubber stamp and then the ordnance was rolled over the stamp. As technology increased,
post-WWII ordnance was marked by machine.
How original markings were applied:
How they work and what we offer: stencils or paint-mask are machine-cut on adhesive backed paper, ready to apply as a
paint masking. You will be sent a fully cut non-weeded stencil (inner and outer part of letter, number or character).
Why? Because of the variations of painting application by the restorer. See the "How To" to apply your stencil:
Shown below are examples of what is currently available. Don't see something listed? Email us for a quote:
Note: for custom Russian stencils - you must send the actual Cyrillic characters with your request. There is no translation
service available.
Super easy! Send us an email: questmasters@hotmail.com
In the email, state which stencil or item you want and how many. We will respond
with your total and shipping costs (international orders are welcome). Each stencil
is currently custom cut, so if you require a specific Lot Number or Date, please let
us know. This service is being done to help the enthusiast (you) help preserve
Most stencils are $5 each or three of the same type for $10. Shipping in the United
States is normally $2 with international shipping averaging $3.
Payment is by PayPal only. Once the payment is received, the stencil will be cut
and mailed within a day or two.
Thank you!
Russian WWII 76mm Shell and Shell Casing stencils. Shown above right, is an example of the shell and casing stencil sets
that are available. Each stencil set below includes the stencil for the shell or projectile and the side of the shell casing.
One of the most recent questions from those ordering stencils is "what paint do I use"? For black, used on Armor Piercing
rounds, I use Krylon Flat Black. For white stenciling, I use Krylon Flat White.
For other colors, I use a product developed by TM9 Ordnance Products and sold by Midwest Military
https://www.midwestmilitary.com/. They produce the most accurate Lusterless Yellow, which is perfect for early ordnance or
the yellow stencil itself, Semi-Gloss Munitions Cans - for the .30 and .50 caliber ammunition can and Olive Drab #8 which is
what I use on all of my WWII U.S. ordnance shown above.
Model Masters "Big Bad Blue" No. 28127 is the closest match, from a spray can, to WWII Practice Blue.

For German ordnance colors, go to
Stencil 135
Russian WWII 76mm
armor-piercing projectile
SR-350A stencil set
$5 per set or 3 sets for $10
Stencil 136
Russian WWII 76mm
armor-piercing projectile
SR-350B stencil set
$5 per set or 3 sets for $10
Stencil 137
Russian WWII 76mm
armor-piercing projectile
BR-240P arrow-head stencil set
$5 per set or 3 sets for $10
Stencil 138
Russian WWII 76mm
fragmentation projectile OF-350
stencil set
$5 per set or 3 sets for $10
Stencil 139
Russian WWII 76mm shrapnel  
projectile SH-354T stencil set
$5 per set or 3 sets for $10