Brown Blucher Oxford Shoes with issue box, left photo.
These shoes are a size 4 1/2 and made by the INTERNATIONAL SHOE CO.
Summer Serice Uniform "Seersucker" skirt, right photo.
United States
Marine Corps Women's Reserve (USMCWR)
Summer Service Uniform "Seersucker"
Summer Service Uniform "Seersucker" shirt, left photo.
This shirt was issued with plain white plastic (early) or medium green Eagle Globe and Anchor
(EGA) buttons. This shirt is missing all 12 buttons (6 large and 6 small).
Corporal B A Downs U.S.M.C.W.R., right photo.
This "Seersucker" uniform was owned by CPL Downs.
USMCWR Seersucker Visor Cover, above photo.
USMCWR Clothing Shipping Box, October 1942, above photo.