United States
Woman's Army Auxiliary Corps (WAAC)
Summer Dress Uniform
Summer Overseas Cover, left photo.
Summer Dress Uniform nomenclature tag, right photo.
This tag is marked:
Jackets, WAAC, Summer
Officers', Tropical, Worsted,
Cont. W-669-qm-29009
Dated May 12, 1943
Q.M.C. Tent. Spec.
P.Q.D. No. 346
Dated 3/16/43
Stock No.55-J-568-47
Phila. Q.M. Depot
Inside Summer Overseas Cover, above left and right photos.
This cover has had at least two owners. One side is blue ink stamped: Gudrum Jacobson A-710587 and also
hand written Weip with W2582 black ink stamped.
The other side of the cover is also stamped Gudrum Jacobson A-710587 but it is also black ink stamped with
another service number A-918686. The size is 21 1/2.
Summer Skirt, above left and right photos.
The size tag is marked: Size 12R Waist 26 1/2, Length 25 1/2.
Dress Pumps, above left photo.
Inside Summer Jacket, right photo.
Hand written on the inside of the jacket is ANC ARROW A-320620 size 12S. Previous ownership markings have
been obscured.