Model: Infantrie Karren IF8
Manufacturer: JUG
Year: 1941
Serial Number: 331
The IF8, when originally obtained by QuestMasters, was highly modified after WWII, above photo. The body had been
drastically stretched in length, the frame severely modified and the draw bar was completely incorrect. Nearly a year of
restoration was conducted by QuestMasters to restore this IF8 back to original factory condition. The entire body had to be
cut apart and resized back to the correct length, the body tub fabricated and replaced, missing parts obtained and the frame
sections that were incorrect fabricated and replaced.
This IF8 retained its original wartime tires, and these were maintained during the restoration. The size of the tires are 3.50-19.
Both tires are made by the Continental Tire Company.
This German Infantrie Karren IF8, infantry trailer, was recovered from Germany in 2005. This is the first of
three production models of the IF8. This example was produced by JUG in 1941 and has been completely
restored by the QuestMasters Museum in 2017, above photo. The IF8 was designed to transport equipment
across the battlefield by hand, towed by a vehicle or pulled with a special harness for use with dog teams or
horses. The IF8 was also designed to be attached to additional IF8 trailers to be pulled in a "train" or several
trailers in tandem.
This IF8 second model frame was recovered by QuestMasters in the late 1990s in Bastogne Belgium. The frame was found in a
farmers scrap pile and had been cut up. QuestMasters crushed-glass blasted the steel to bare metal, welded the sections
back together and replaced several pieces. The second model IF8 was a simplified trailer, eliminating the complex framework
for the body tub and further simplifying the frame. This frame may be used in the future for another IF8 restoration by