United States
Consolidated B-24 Heavy Bomber
B-24 Nose Turret
Emerson A-15 Electric Turret
The Emerson A-15 Electric Nose Turret was used on all late war B-24 Liberators, except
those produced at the Consolidated San Diego plant.
B-24 Liberators produced at the Consolidated San Diego plant used modified A-6B Hydraulic
Tail Turrets mounted in the front of the aircraft (as seen on the B-24 in the black and white
picture above).
Early B-24 Liberators that were produced with "Green House" noses were also depot
modified with A-6 or A-6B Hydraulic Tail Turrets mounted in the nose.
A-15 Gunner Seat area, above left and right photo.
The control column grip assembly is missing from this turret.
AN-M2 .50 Caliber Machine Gun left mount, above left photo.
Turret Control box, above right photo.
Oxygen System Assembly, above left photo.
The A-15 Nose Turret used an A-12A Diluter Demand Oxygen Regulator with Oxygen Blinker and Pressure Gauge to regulate
the oxygen to the turret gunner during high altitude flight.
K-11 Gun Sight Mount and Drive Box, above right photo.
K-11 Compensating Gun Sight, left photo.
K-11 Compensating Gun Sight
Nomenclature Plate, above photo.
The K-11 Compensating Gun Sight was a
late war innovation that used the aircraft
altitude and speed with the direct
correlation of where the weapon was
pointed to calculate the reticle. The aircraft
altitude and speed was programmed on the
rear of the sight. The correlation was
determined by drive lines that connected
the K-11 Sight to the turret.