United States
Consolidated B-24 Heavy Bomber
Stations (Frames) 0 through 1.1 - Bombardier and Navigator Station
Type M-9 "Norden" Bomb Sight on original shipping mount, left photo.
M-9 Bomb Sight nomenclature plate, right photo. This Bomb Sight was made by the Victor Adding Machine Company.
Type A-1 Astrograph with storage case, left photo.
The Astrograph used translucent maps of the constellations.
These maps allowed the Navigator to plot a course at night. Also shown in the photo are spare bulbs and tools that were
stored in the Astrograph case. The Type A-1 Astrograph was used with the MK II Astrocompass.
Type B-5 Drift Meter, right photo.
Type B-3A Bomb Release, left photo.
Navigator's Astrodome Window, right photo.
MK II Astrocompass with storage box, left photo.
Bombardiers heater assembly, right photo. This heater was made by The Stewart Warner Corporation.
Nose Landing Gear Leg and Support Arms, left photo.
Nose Landing Gear Doors, above photo.
The B-24 Liberator was produced with two styles of Nose Landing Gear
Doors, inward opening and outward opening.
Port inward opening door, extreme left; and three starboard outward
opening doors, right.
Nose Landing Gear Hydraulic Leg Operating
Assembly, above photo. The B-24 used only
one hydraulic assembly per aircraft.

- Nose Landing Gear Parts -
Left photo, top to bottom, left to right:
Support Arm Pivot, Door Bearing (for outward
opening door), Port Door Opening Housing
(for inward opening doors), Door Opening
Arms (for left and right outward opening
doors) and two Leg Scissors (only one would
be used per aircraft).
Emerson A-15 Electric Nose Turret, left photo.